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Bared Footwear


Why Wear Bared?

Reviewed by the Experts

Now, we know what you're thinking, who is Bared? You may have heard there's something different about our shoes, perhaps you're questioning how comfy are they reeeeally are?

We're here to help. We're an iconic Australian footwear label dedicated to designing crazy comfy footwear that people don't want to take off.

It all started way back when the only shoes you could find was either fabulously hurtful, or hideously comfy, and no in-between. That's where our founder, Anna, comes in.

As a podiatrist forced to recommend said (hideously comfy) shoes, she saw a gap in the market and set out to answer all our footwear prayers.

Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it, we turned to the professionals to put our kicks to the ultimate test.

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Carissa N.


"As a Podiatrist, Bared Footwear are my number one recommended footwear brand. I love referring my patients to Bared as they have amazing, orthotic friendly shoes, that never compromise on quality or style. Bared have an amazing customer service team that have great footwear knowledge, and take the time to get the shoe fit and function just right! I can be rest assured when referring patients, wether their foot be wide or narrow, big or small, they will find an amazing shoe.

I personally have a very large Bared collection, and am forever receiving compliments on how lovely my shoes are. My go too Bareds are my black Metatail boots, which I am able to fit my customised orthotics in effortlessly. They're so comfortable and sleek, I never want to take them off!"

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Mel C.


"I recommend Bared Footwear to my patients both women and men daily and I wear Bared shoes myself. My patients are always very happy to find a shoe range that not only looks great but are comfortable and can aid in reducing any foot pain or injuries they may have."

Shop Rhea

Jonathan D.


"It's great to have access to a brand who make good looking and comfortable shoes that are beneficial to our foot posture and mechanics. I recommended Bared shoes to my patients daily and they too speak very highly of them."

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Catherine N.


"The Verdin are the latest addition to my growing Bared collection and they certainly don't disappoint. They were super comfortable from the very first wear and they fit my orthotics perfectly. I always love the little fit pack that comes along with Bared shoes and find it easy to just add a little forefoot filler for my slightly smaller right foot, which makes the fit spot on! I've long been a Bared convert and not only have all my past Bared shoes worn incredibly well over time, but they are so comfortable I wouldn't dream of putting anything else on my feet."

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Jess M.


"As a Podiatrist I often educate patients on what to look for when shopping for appropriate footwear. I love that Bared Footwear incorporate so many of those key features without compromising on style. I have several pairs, all of which I can comfortably wear all day long. I often have people comment on how great they look which starts a conversation about how shoes can be comfortable and functional without looking dated. With styles to suit every occasion it makes the transition to supportive footwear much easier, leaving both patient and Podiatrist very happy. Bared Footwear provide excellent customer service and I am very comfortable recommending this brand to my patients."

Shop Whsitler 2

Nathan B.


"As a Podiatrist I cannot recommend Bared Footwear more highly. Good footwear should be comfortable from the moment you put them on. This was no exception when I first stepped into the Rhodium style dress shoe. The quality of materials used and the thought given into design of the shoe highlights why Bared stand out to health professionals as a go-to shoe! I will definitely be purchasing more of these and recommending these to my patients. Thanks guys!"

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Claire F.


"I am always on the hunt for good footwear and have been a Bared shoe wearer for many years! As a podiatrist, I understand the needs of my patients but would never recommend a shoe or brand that I don't totally believe in or wouldn't wear myself. Bared shoes are the perfect brand that are stylish, sleek, comfortable, supportive and fit orthotics! I mean what more could a girl (or podiatrist) want?"

Shop Dovekie

Anna C.


"Thorntail – my favourite Bared shoes to date. A super comfortable sneaker that provides me with the support to walk all day. The shoe offers adequate depth to accommodate the supplied footbed or an orthotic. The leather is soft and breathable. This is my 3rd pair and I continue to be impressed with the quality. I couldn't recommend Bared more for someone looking for supportive and versatile sneakers."

Shop Thorntail

Jessie D.


"The Woodpecker boots are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. Beautiful pointed toe without being too narrow which is really really hard to find. Not to mention the customer service which is the best I've ever experienced. I wear these boots to work and also when heading out and am able to wear them all day and night. As a podiatrist, Bared are the only shoes I wear and I recommend them to all of my clients. Couldn't recommend more highly!"

Shop Woodpecker

Brad R.


"Bared Footwear have designed a boot that is ridiculously comfortable. The insoles that are provided with the purchase of the shoes are brilliant in helping you find that perfect fit. The upper of the shoe is high quality, making the wear in period comfortable and quick. I found the width of the boots to be generous with no pressure felt across my toes or forefoot.

The shoes are definitely orthotic friendly, which is great to be able to offer a stylish boot that can be used in conjunction with orthotic therapy. The boot offers a firm heel counter with good rigidity through the shank. I find it very difficult to find a fault with these shoes."

Shop Iridium

Elissa L.


"Such comfortable and supportive shoes! The added features in the Bared Footbed are features that I regularly add into my patients' shoes and orthotics for comfort and pain relief. The removable insole allows my own orthotics to fit very nicely into my Bared shoes and I never feel like I have to take them off after a long day at work. Super chic and comfy, I recommend Bared to my patients as the customer service is wonderful and the shoes are the perfect combination between style, comfort and support."

Shop Rail 2

Mitchell P.


"Bared have been able to weave style, support, quality and adaptability into one shoe! As a Podiatrist I'm looking for quality in the leather, stitching and outsole. The torsional stability (shank) of a shoe is necessary to have a functional orthotic. There multiple deep insoles allow for better fitting in the same shoe size."

Shop Xenon

Ben H.


"I always recommend Bared to my clients who require supportive, cushioned footwear but don't want to compromise on style. These Beryllium boots from Bared are comfortable from the get go. Can be dressed up or down, they are able to be worn all day long with ease. They accommodate my wide foot with space through the forefoot and a nice cushioned sole but still maintain their light feel unlike some other boots. It's my second pair, highly recommend."

Shop Beryllium

Ashley W.


"This boot is stylish and surprisingly comfortable! I could wear them all day. I have a narrow foot and I usually have difficulty finding boots, however with the forefoot pads these boots fit perfectly. This is my third pair of Bared shoes and they have all been great. It's safe to say Bared have lived up to their reputation with these boots. I absolutely love them!"

Shop Woodpecker

Emily W.

Emily W.


"As a podiatrist, one of the most common questions I receive from patients is "Where can I find good shoes that still look nice?". My answer is always Bared. Bared make the most comfortable shoes that not only tick all the boxes that make them a supportive shoe, but they also look fabulous. No longer do my patients or I have to sacrifice fashion for fit. With removable foot beds (insoles) of various thicknesses, the staff at Bared take the time to ensure your shoes fit comfortably and provide your feet with the support to wear them all day long. Thank you Bared for keeping my feet and my patient's feet happy and healthy!"

Nicki Q.

Nicki Q.


"I am constantly being asked for recommendations for casual, work and dress shoes. The range of footwear at Bared ticks all the boxes – the pitch height, support through the mid-foot, depth in the forefoot, and midsole thickness - all ensure comfort, and are able to accommodate orthotics if I need to put them in the shoe. To be able to recommend something that is fashionable and doesn't look like an orthopaedic shoe is such a bonus.

To be honest, before the Bared footwear range was available, the worst part of being a Podiatrist was having to take people out of their lovely fashionable shoes and moving them into a shoe that was functional and supportive, but very unattractive. Life is so much easier now, particularly as Bared continue to expand their range."

Jack D.


"The quality of the Iridium Boot is palpable as soon as you open the box. They are extremely well put together and will last many years. I love the fitting pack that comes with each pair of Bared shoes as it gives you the perfect fit for your specific foot type. I have found the extra forefoot pads extremely useful with this particular boot which obviously doesn't have the option to tighten.

With no laces, they are perfectly suited to the winter months and have kept my feet warm and dry. Once you have broken the leather in (which takes about a day), you really get the full benefit of the Iridium Boot and you can see how they will only get more comfortable in time."

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Emma P.


"I'm just in love with my new Bared Woodpecker boots. They are a super versatile, dressed-up or casual, go to boot. They were surprisingly comfortable from day one, no need to 'break them in'. Just ideal for my hectic days, which are often long days running around on my feet.

A big shout out to Anna and her team on being a market leader in designing fashionable footwear that are podiatrically sound and quite often orthotic friendly too. It's so beneficial to have a Bared Footwear store just around the corner to my practice for easy patient referrals. My patients always praise the high-end customer service and attention to fitting detail that Bared offers. "

Shop Woodpecker

Chelsea E.


"These are my favourite Bared shoes to date! I have a narrow foot and they fit perfectly when I added the gel forefoot cushion. I love that I can wear them with jeans in winter and dresses in summer. I am a podiatrist myself and love being able to recommend Bared to my patients."

Shop Turaco

Ali F.


"As a podiatrist and a female (who has a wee bit of an addiction to shoes) I absolutely LOVE Bared footwear. I must admit I have a few pairs as I know I can always rely on them for great modern style and comfort. I love that I can fit my orthotics in all the winter shoes and that the summer shoes have a built-in footbed design which really supports the foot. It's great having somewhere to refer my patients to, knowing they'll be as happy as I am with the brand. Keep up the awesome work Bared team."

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"I recommend Bared Footwear to my patients both women and men daily and I wear Bared shoes myself. My patients are always very happy to find a shoe range that not only looks great but are comfortable and can aid in reducing any foot pain or injuries they may have."

Renee S.


"Comfortable sneakers! From a podiatrist's perspective, this shoe is very accommodative for different foot types. I personally have a narrow pronated/pes planus lfoot.

Without orthotics:
I have used the thicker innersole with the additional green forefoot padding (which I have placed underneath) to fill up my toe box for proper fit and to avoid the shoe from feeling too loose.

With orthotics:
My orthotics have a full-length cover, so I have taken out the innersole to accommodate my orthotics, without issues.

But overall, I have worn this sneaker without issue, very comfortable straight away and I love them!"

Shop Skua

Kyle W.


"A stylish shoe which is suitable for multiple occasions, such as work, a wedding or a social event. On first glance the quality of the leather boots is evident. The boots came with a variety of insoles which I could change depending what was most comfortable and suitable for my foot whilst also accommodating for the option to use your own orthotics if required.

This shoe has a nice wide forefoot which allowed plenty of space for my wide feet. The leather felt firm on first wear, but they softened throughout the day allowing for a full day of comfort. I would definitely recommend this shoe as a wardrobe staple you won't want to take off."

Shop Iridium



"Out of the box these shoes looked great, they're well made and sturdy in the right places. They are surprisingly cushioned under foot and supportive through the arch. I have worn them for full days without discomfort, which in my opinion is rare in the casual footwear category."

Shop Lead

Corey N.


"The Iridium are a super comfortable boot with so much versatility, which can be matched for any occasion! Having a wide foot, normally boots like these can be a tight squeeze, however the Iridium are a perfect fit!"

Shop Iridium

Kirby R.


"I can honestly say there are few shoes that I can put on from the get go and just wear but these gems have been fabulous! Shoe shopping is normally a nightmare with small feet, skinny ankles, fitting orthoses and scarring after left ankle reconstruction but these shoes tick all the boxes. A nice deep heel cup, laces that stay put and a firm upper."

Shop Dunlin



"These shoes are gorgeous, they look great with so many different outfits and I've had plenty of compliments on them! The leather they are made out of is beautiful and the foot bed is super comfortable, I'm stoked with the quality. It has taken a few wears to break them in but in saying that this is to be expected with a leather shoe and I do have quite wide feet.

It's great to see Bared continuing to offer footwear that is fashionable and has biomechanical consideration. Bared is always a top recommendation of mine to my patients, family and friends!"

Shop Heron


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